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Connect the Joule browser extension to the RaspiBlitz
Bring the power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node.

Preparation on the Pi

For Joule to work you will need to allow connection to your RaspiBolt from any IP ( The communications will remain encrypted with TLS, but there is a a risk of a DDOS or other attack.

  • Open the LND configuration file:
    $ sudo nano /home/bitcoin/.lnd/lnd.conf

    Add the following line to the section [Application Options]:

  • Delete tls.cert (restarting LND will recreate it):
    $ sudo rm /home/bitcoin/.lnd/tls.*

  • Restart LND :
    $ sudo systemctl restart lnd

  • Copy the new tls.cert to user “admin”, as it is needed for lncli:
    $ sudo cp /home/bitcoin/.lnd/tls.cert /home/admin/.lnd

  • Unlock wallet
    $ lncli unlock

  • Allow the REST api communicate with any IP address:
    $ sudo ufw allow 8080 comment 'allow REST api from public internet'

  • restart and check the firewall:
    $ sudo ufw enable
    $ sudo ufw status

On the Linux desktop

  • Install Joule for Chrome

  • Click to the Joule extension button

  • Fill in the LAN address of your RaspiBolt:

  • Click “try clicking this link” in the error message

  • Click the “Not secure” sign left from the URL

  • Certificate > Details tab > Export > save the file to your Home directory

    alternatively you can extract the certificate form your node and copy it to your Home dir: $ scp admin@your.RaspiBolt.LAN.IP:/home/admin/.lnd/tls.cert ~/

  • Menu > Settings > Advanced (on the bottom) > Manage certificates > Authorities tab > Import > Choose to show “all files” and select the file you saved > Tick all three boxes > OK

    The certificate will appear under “org-lnd autogenerated cert” if you would need to modify it later

  • Go back to the Joule Tab and try connecting again

  • Now you need your macaroons. Copy the admin.macaroon and the readonly.macaroon from your node to your home directory:
    $ scp admin@your.RaspiBolt.LAN.IP:/home/bitcoin/.lnd/admin.macaroon ~/

    $ scp admin@your.RaspiBolt.LAN.IP:/home/bitcoin/.lnd/readonly.macaroon ~/

  • Drop the two macaroon files to the Joule window and continue.

  • Confirm your node and create a password for Joule on the next screens and you are good to go.