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Guides for the RaspiBlitz and Linux desktop

Get the most use out of your Bitcoin Full Node

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  • Create a Tor Hidden Service

    A simple example of creating and using a Tor Hidden Service.

  • Electrum wallet

    Download, verify and install the chosen version on a Linux desktop.

      # Download
      # Run
  • Tor-to-IP tunnel service

    Use the public IP address of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to make Tor Hidden Services reachable on the clearnet.

  • Single seed multi-location backup schemes

    Create 3 packages of cryptographically secure backups where the funds cannot be recovered from any single package, but can be recovered with the combination of any two. Can be thought of as a physical 2-of-3 multisig solution for ColdCard, JoinMarket and LND wallets.

  • CoinKite Bunker on the RaspiBlitz